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TSP does Summer

In 1905, Albert Einstein proved the existence of atoms, developed quantum theory, and outlined his special theory on relativity. Unsurprisingly, Einstein’s magnificent year was dubbed his annus mirabilis. We at TSP are hardly arrogant enough to compare our musings to theories that spawned a century of innovation in physics, warfare, and other far flung fields. Yet the past several months have seen the pouring out of ideas and criticism that had been building for several years, some of which nonetheless remain unrecognized in the international arena. Moreover, that they’ll eventually become widely realized is not in question. So despite the reward of the endeavor and a recent flurry of article fodder emanating from around the world, TSP’s authors have temporarily turned to other extracurricular pursuits. And as it stands, we’re not at all ashamed of our quarter-annus half-mirabilis.

We’ll resume posting this fall, and if you’d like us to notify you when we do just send an email to with the subject “notify me.” Thanks to all of our readers and don’t let the bastards get you down!

Stupid annus mirabilis…Why you gots to be so good?

Also, on a lighter note, TSP has been notified by readers in China that the government there has made an attempt to block access to this site. Hardy fans are only able to view TSP by way of third-party sites like those mentioned below in “Wired For Truth.” So to all those in the Middle Kingdom, here’s to you: keep on keepin’ on!


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